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2017 global high-brightness LED output value will reach 13.18 billion US dollars

Research agency DIGITIMESResearch estimated 2017 annual global high-brightness LED output value of the annual growth rate of 2.8%, reaching 13.18 billion US dollars. LED industry growth momentum in 2014 reached its peak, the next few years into a gradual slowdown. To use the number of stars, 2017 will reach 3,037.5 billion, the annual growth rate of 23.9%, of which the highest annual growth rate will remain for lighting applications, up to 39.2%.

LED proportion of the proportion of use, 2017 lighting applications will account for 66%, Mobile device (mainly for mobile phones) with LED light source and large size LED backlight with a total of 20.8%, the display board and car With LED were 5.6%, 4.7%. proximity sensor

LED to use the number of annual growth rate of view, in 2017 were positive growth in order from high to low lighting, automotive, display billboards, TV backlight, Mobile device applications; the relative negative growth include Tablet, NB, Monitor, the annual reduction rate of between 5.2 to 11.9%. icm-20689

Among them, the growth rate of 2017 double-digit growth will be the application of lighting and automotive, of which the annual growth rate of lighting will reach 39.2%, estimated 2017 global LED lighting market will reach 40.42 billion US dollars, the penetration rate will be 36.7 / RTI & gt; Automotive applications, the main reason for the use of LED lights outside the light source increased the proportion of the application rate is expected to reach 15.3%.