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EMC Solution Products: Compact noise suppression filter for LED lighting

TDK Corporation extends the MAF Series noise suppression filter lineup with the new MAF2520ASS600C, a new model designed specifically for LED lighting systems. With a compact size of only 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.85 mm, the new multilayer filter features suppression of stray, high-frequency noise between 20 MHz and 100 MHz, equal to larger winding components. The new product has a rated current of 500 mA and a low DC resistance of only 0.28? (Typical). The impedance is 3.4 kΩ at 30 MHz. Due to its wide operating temperature range (-40 to +125 ° C), this product is also suitable for high temperature environments. In addition, the new MAF2520ASS600C filter meets the CISPR15 standard for LED lighting and has been mass-produced since January 2018. bsm300gb120dlc

Due to the reduced energy consumption and long service life of LED lighting systems, they are widely used in homes and buildings and are becoming more and more popular. To provide added value, manufacturers have developed intelligent solutions with networked lighting control systems. TDK's new miniaturized MAF2520ASS600C noise suppression filter is designed to protect the controls from the ac and dc LED power supplies. In the future, TDK will continue to develop smaller size filter products that provide high performance noise suppression. j2-q04a-d

main application

Networked LED lighting systems in homes and buildings

Main features and advantages

Suppress spurious noise between 20 MHz and 100 MHz

Wide operating temperature range for high temperature applications: -40 to +125 ° C

Compact size 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.85 mm

Meet the CISPR15 standard on LED lighting