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Apple responds to Qualcomm accusing it of leaking Intel: accusation without evidence

Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been reported to be poorly signaled by users, probably because of Intel's baseband; then, another procedural lawsuit of Qualcomm brought Apple to court.

Qualcomm accused Apple of stealing its modem chip design and handing it over to Intel to help Intel make Intel baseband chips for the iPhone that are priced lower than Qualcomm's baseband chips.

Qualcomm said in a proposed amendment complaint: "Apple has been making false promises and disgraceful behavior for several years, aiming at stealing Qualcomm's confidential information and trade secrets in order to improve performance and speed up low-quality modem chips. Listing, including those of Qualcomm's competitor Intel Corporation. Then use these chips for iPhones and other devices, with the ultimate goal of transferring Qualcomm's existing Apple-based business to Intel."

Qualcomm also said, "The findings in this action so far indicate that Apple’s theft of Qualcomm’s protected information goes far beyond the violations that led to the lawsuit, and has found Apple’s chip vendor communications and source code owned by Apple. And related information."

In response, an Apple spokesperson said in an Ars contact that Qualcomm repeatedly raised allegations without evidence.

“In late August, Apple filed an opinion with Compel in the same case, asking Qualcomm to provide evidence for its allegations because the company only filed a claim, but there is no corresponding evidence,” an Apple spokesperson said.

Apple also said that Qualcomm did not include any evidence of its claims in the documents submitted on Tuesday.

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