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Ericsson integrates Fraunhofer MPEG-H TV audio system into its transmission distribution encoder/decoder solution

Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of professional broadcast media solutions, is the first to integrate MPEG-H TV audio systems into its transmission distribution applications.

At the NAB show, Ericsson brought the newly developed AVP 2000 transmission distribution encoder and its accompanying MediaFirst Content Processing (MFCP) decoder, which is the industry's first fully-supported transmission distribution coding/decoding for MPEG-H TV audio systems. solution. The MPEG-H TV audio system was mainly developed by Fraunhofer IIS. It is the only next-generation broadcast audio system that is currently put into operation in the world and was officially commercialized in Korea's terrestrial ultra-high definition digital service in May 2017.

Ericsson's new solution enables real-time generation of MPEG-H streams with the necessary metadata, and transmits them back to the studio for further processing and final broadcast. Ericsson's solution opens up new application areas for MPEG-H. At present, this solution has achieved all radio and television application scenarios.

Marc Gayer, Business Director of audio and media technology at Fraunhofer IIS, said: "We are proud to partner with Ericsson to develop MPEG-H transmission and distribution solutions. This cooperation will enable program content that supports MPEG-H technology to succeed from outside (eg, The distribution of live broadcast studios and outdoor studios of sports events is distributed to indoor broadcast studios (playout encoders), and an important link on the transmission distribution link is to support the transmission of audio-related metadata, which is to implement MPEG. The -H core function is particularly critical." 2SD2017

Arpad Jordan, head of Media Processing and Delivery at Ericsson Media Solutions PDU, stated: "As the world's largest provider of hardware and software media solutions for TV and media services, Ericsson Media Solutions' strong market appeal will help The MPEG-H technology with superior audio quality and next-generation audio features has become the mainstream in the industry."

For broadcasters and streaming service providers, the MPEG-H audio encoder/decoder can not only efficiently transmit multi-channel audio signals at relatively low bitrates, but also bring a whole new user experience, including immersive Cinematic sound effects and personalized mixing effects. Radio and TV companies and service providers can add integrated MPEG-H functionality without changing the original infrastructure. New devices are compatible with the SDI infrastructure and are equipped with anti-jamming and security modes for metadata transmission. murata

Through the close cooperation of Ericsson Media Solutions and Fraunhofer IIS, MPEG-H 3D audio was successfully integrated into the AVP 2000 transmission distribution encoder and MFCP decoder. The AVP 2000 is one of the most flexible video processing solutions on the market today. It has a full range of video processing options including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC, JPEG-2000 and HEVC (4K resolution is achievable). The AVP 2000 can support broadcast television professionals to process traditional and immersive audio content, define description tags and simple end-user operations on the TV Graphical User Interface (GUI), and support simultaneous audio and video signal synchronization and loudness level letters. make. MFCP is a HEVC professional decoder with a resolution of up to 4K. It combines the advantages of the latest software processing technology with high quality, high reliability and low-latency performance based on hardware. It is an application-based processing platform.

The above Ericsson solution will be launched in the second quarter of 2018.