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MediaTek attacked WiFi market in 2019

According to media reports from Taiwan, the market has spread, MediaTek's integrated team has attacked the wireless broadband (WiFi) market again, and competed for market share with Netcom chipmaker Rui Wei. The legal person thinks that from the product planning point of view, the competition situation of the two companies will be significant next year.

MediaTek organised an adjustment last month. The original HBG (Home Entertainment Group) was reclassified as Intelligent BG (Intelligent Product Business Group). According to the legal person, the Connected BU of MediaTek will begin to compete with other Netcom chip makers such as Realtek, which is expected to fall in 2019. XC7Z010-1CLG400C

Due to the networking trend of smartphones, TVs, tablet PCs and other terminal products, MediaTek has merged Netcom chipset Ralink in addition to Wi-Fi technology and its own team in 2011, and merged the WiFi departments of the two teams. , Full support for WiFi technology required by their own product lines.

Ralink was the largest supplier of WLAN chips in Asia. The products include WLAN chips and Cardbus chips such as 802.11a/g, 802.11g, and 802.11n, which are mainly used in motherboards, notebook computers, and desktop computers. Lei Ling is the first Taiwanese manufacturer to launch 802.11n, specializing in the WLAN field, and is ranked as the top five WLAN chip suppliers in the world with Broadcom, Intel, Atheros and Marvell and other international companies. Major customers include Dlink, Linksys, Buffalo, and ASUS. MCP9700T-E/TT

In fact, MediaTek itself has a four-in-one chip that provides WiFi, Bluetooth, Global Positioning System (GPS) and FM transceivers (FM), and ships with smartphones. Due to MediaTek's product strategy in the past, the quad-core chip was regarded as a supporting role for the shipment of smartphone chips, which meant that Ralink had withdrawn from PCs and other related applications, leaving Rui Qi and other competitors a lot of room for growth.