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Melexis introduces innovative miniature FIR sensors to expand the temperature sensor portfolio

Melexis, a global leader in microelectronics, today announced the launch of a new line of miniature far-infrared (FIR) sensors for a variety of applications requiring accurate temperature measurements. The MLX90632 series is based on Melexis' proven FIR technology - using the principle that each object emits thermal radiation. The very small, integrated thermopile CMOS IC is a complete solution in a 3x3x1mmQFN package that includes sensor components, signal processing, digital interfaces and optics for quick and easy integration into a variety of modern applications. The high-precision device provides high levels of thermal stability when subjected to thermal gradients and rapid temperature changes, resolving the well-known weakness of existing infrared sensors. In addition, it offers surface-mount (SMD) packages that are compatible with standard PCB assembly techniques. The first civilian grade product in the MLX90632 family is now available. Subsequent MLX90632 products will target very demanding applications such as medical care.

Smart device manufacturers can differentiate their products with precise temperature measurements. Melexis integrates optical lenses into this product to reduce field of view (FOV), thereby enabling higher working distances and more accurate measurement accuracy. The MLX90632 can be used in any application where the temperature must be accurately measured, especially in thermally dynamic environments and in applications where space is limited. Potential applications therefore include indoor and outdoor temperature monitoring of white and black appliances, smart thermostats, server rooms, or integrated into portable electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. Joris Roels, Melexis Temperature Sensor Marketing Manager commented: "Melexis now ships millions of infrared temperature sensors based on our world-class expertise that represents the An important milestone, the MLX90632 will be a disruptive sensor technology in many applications, enabling leading manufacturers to differentiate their applications and meet the needs of current and future end customers. "

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