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New TI MCU Platform Provides Advanced Integration for Simultaneously Running Multiprotocol and Multiband Connectivity

To meet the growing connectivity needs of buildings, factories, and the power grid, Texas Instruments (TI) recently introduced its latest SimpleLinkTM wireless and wired microcontrollers (MCUs). These new devices provide industry-leading low-power and simultaneous multi-protocol multi-band connectivity for Thread, ZigbeeTM, BluetoothTM 5, and Sub-1 GHz. With larger storage and unlimited connectivity options, the expanded SimpleLink MCU platform provides designers with 100% code reuse on TI's ARM® Cortex®-M4 core-based MCUs to enhance and connect the sensor network to the cloud. For more information, visit TL-5186

The new SimpleLink MCU supports the following wireless connection options:

Sub-1GHz: CC1312R wireless MCU.

Multiband (Sub-1 GHz, Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, and Zigbee): CC1352R and CC1352P wireless MCUs.

Low-power Bluetooth: CC2642R wireless MCU.

Multi-protocol (Bluetooth low-power, Thread and Zigbee): CC2652R wireless MCU.

Master MCU with up to 2MB of memory: MSP432P4 MCU.

Key Features and Benefits of the New SimpleLink MCU

Lowest power consumption: The new wireless and host MCUs continue to achieve the lowest power consumption in the industry, and their life in button batteries exceeds 10 years; and now, a new enhanced low-power sensor controller is provided with low power consumption. 100Hz reads the comparator value only needs 1.5uA. STP36NF06FP

More than 10 connection protocols: The extended SimpleLink MCU platform supports various connection protocols and standards in the 2.4 GHz and Sub-1 GHz bands, including the latest Thread and Zigbee standards, Bluetooth low power, IEEE 802.15.4g, wireless M- Bus and so on.

Range expansion options: With the multi-band CC1352P wireless MCU, developers can use their integrated power amplifier (with high output power of + 20-dBm and low transfer current of 60 mA) for metering and building automation applications to further expand its scope .

2MB flash memory: The new SimpleLink MSP432P4 MCU has an integrated 16-bit precision ADC, providing developers with more than eight times the code space, capable of accommodating multiple wireless connection stacks and a 320-segment liquid crystal display (LCD) with extended functionality. For industrial applications.

Enhanced security: CC13x2 and CC26x2 wireless MCUs provide new secure hardware accelerators for the following cryptographic protocols: AES-128/256, SHA2-512, elliptic curve encryption (ECC), RSA-2048, and true random number generator (TRNG) ).

Code Compatibility: The SimpleLink Software Development Kit (SDK) supports these new products and provides a unified framework for platform extensions through 100% reuse of application code.

To assist with development with the SimpleLink MCU platform, TI offers the SimpleLink Academy, a comprehensive interactive learning experience with an overview and training tutorial of the industry standards and technologies it supports.