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NVIDIA Launches Auto SOC for SOC: Over 9 Billion Transistors

As early as September 2016, NVIDIA announced a new eight-core processor architecture called Xavier that will use NVIDIA's latest Volta GPU. dan202ut106

Following last year's Xavier car with the AI ​​supercomputer, CES, they again released a new Xavier SoC.

Featuring 8 custom CPU cores and a 512-core Volta GPU, this product boasts more than 9 billion transistors with 30 TOPS of computing power but consumes only 30W. According to Nvidia engineers, it is 15 times more efficient than the Pascal architecture.

It is also equipped with an 8K HDR image processor, deep learning accelerators and a new machine vision accelerator that will form the basis of the DRIVE Pegasus AI platform for NVIDIA autonomous vehicles.

The DRIVE PX Pegasus will use both Xavier SoCs simultaneously to provide "level 5" privileges for driverless cars. According to SAE International Standard J3016, Level 5 means that the car no longer needs the driver to do any work. lm2678t-adj

At CES, Volkswagen announced that its 2022-listed I.D. BUZZ concept car will use the NVIDIA DRIVE IX platform. NVIDIA also announced it will expand its collaboration with Uber to test the autonomous driving of cross-border utility vehicles and cargo trucks, including the Volvo XC90.