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ON Semiconductor Releases New Bluetooth Low Energy and Energy Harvesting Sensor Shield

ON Semiconductor, a leader in energy-efficient innovation, has released two new boards (shields) that further extend the capabilities of its recently announced Internet of Things (IoT) Development Kit (IDK) platform. With the introduction of these two new shields featuring Bluetooth Low Energy and Smart Passive Sensors (SPS), customers can now create a wide range of unique and unique solutions for smart home / building, smart city, industrial automation and mobile healthcare applications Example.

The Bluetooth Low Energy Shield is equipped with the recently introduced and Bluetooth 5 certified RSL10 Multiprotocol Radio System SoC. With the industry's lowest sleep current and receive power, the RSL10 helps manufacturers build IoT devices with longer battery life. Moreover, the small form factor of the RSL10 contributes to the ultra-compact, cost-effective terminal design required for a low-power IoT sensor network. Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy Shields with IDK gives customers access to complementary connectivity options that expand connectivity, sensing and actuator options including lighting and motors.

The SPS Shield expands on IDK's capabilities to enable it to capture temperature, humidity and pressure measurements from ON Semiconductor's battery-less SPS sensors. These sensors are ideally suited for difficult-to-access but need to monitor in industrial and other applications. Sensors for these applications must have zero maintenance features and battery replacement is a challenge. Pairing the SPS shield with IDK enables rapid prototyping of IoT applications that require battery-less sensing, wide area or local connectivity, and actuation options.

These new two shields expand IDK's configurable, modular options for sensing, actuation, and wired / wireless connectivity, giving application designers full flexibility without knowing the chosen communication protocol. With the shield available out of the box, developers can quickly and easily launch projects and send data directly to the cloud for value-added services, including analytics.

The complete documentation for the IDK shield, including complete design schematics, board layouts, and Gerber files, speeds design from the conceptual, development, and production stages. Industry standard interfaces ensure that modules provided today and in the future by ON Semiconductor and other vendors can be seamlessly integrated into the design, reducing end-of-development time, cost and risk by simply "clipping" the end-product design.

Wiren Perera, strategic director for ON Semiconductor's IoT strategy, said: "The new shields take IDK to a whole new level that makes it possible to create a unique type of IoT application. Energy harvesting and batteryless sensing pioneered the use of quality control and predictive maintenance The new paradigm for IoT use cases, ranging from asset health monitoring to agriculture, while ubiquitous Bluetooth technology opens up new possibilities for low-power connectivity. Combining these new technologies with the existing high energy efficiency "The combination of connectivity and actuation of the product portfolio and IDK's node-to-cloud capabilities have created powerful tools to get IoT solutions and services to market quickly." is distributor for thousands of IGBT Modules, bsm300gb120dlc or j2-q04a-d and others from our web with free shipping.