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Qualcomm Confirms Latest Chip Support for Fast Charge 4.0 Technology

According to our understanding, each of the top mobile chips introduced by Qualcomm has a fast charging function. This technology has been developing over the years and Qualcomm has confirmed that all the latest smartphones equipped with Qualcomm's latest chipset have evolved to support Fast Charge 4.0/4.0+ technology. hsmp-389r

In order to enable consumers to use this fast charging technology more easily and conveniently on smart phones, Qualcomm has listed all devices compatible with fast charging technology. However, according to the list of equipment currently listed, it may disappoint many people because there are still few categories on the list.

Only one device has been confirmed by Qualcomm and is the only mobile phone currently compatible with 4.0/4.0+ technology on the market. However, this mobile phone does not even belong to the market mainstream category: Razer mobile phone, the only smart phone currently supporting Qualcomm's latest fast charging technology. FCI-InGaAs-Q3000

Of course, Qualcomm promised that before the end of the year, more devices supporting Fast Charge 4.0 technology, such as the LG G7, will be added. In addition, there are some brands of mobile phones that are ignored by Qualcomm and are not included in the list. For example, ZTE's Nubia Z17, although it does support the new fast charging technology, it has not been listed for some reasons.