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Research: 3D sensing will be the key technology supporting the advent of Apple AR glasses

Guo Yi Ling, an analyst at DIGITIMES Research, said that although 3D sensing technology has been used to augment reality in 2014, Google has started to develop it. However, because of its high performance, AR devices equipped with 3D sensing technology are hard to find in the market. Google Tango, an important AR technology platform based on 3D sensing, also lost more market after Apple introduced ARKit, a universal AR development tool. igcm15f60ga

DIGITIMES Research observed that to reduce the AR industry development threshold, Apple deliberately slowed the application of expensive 3D sensing technology in the footsteps of AR. In the AR application, the software and the existing device were changed to allow consumers to experience AR without having to pay extra Cost, make AR popular, and gradually create AR user needs, rather than a high standard of 3D sensing technology to promote AR experience.

Guo Yiling pointed out that the iPhone X 3D sensing technology is mainly used for face recognition unlocking device, but also can face facial expression tracking, the formation of interesting dynamic expression, the application and then become the Apple 3D sensing technology in the AR Application of the brick, 3D sensing technology in the iPhone X is not the protagonist of AR applications, but Apple uses 3D sensing technology for facial motion tracking positioning, we can see that Apple has future 3D sensing technology for AR buried Under the pen. ixxn110n65c4h1

DIGITIMES Research market research shows that 2018 new iPad will also be imported into the front 3D sensing module, then consumers can use the big screen tablet to experience more and better AR function, more expensive iPhone X, cheap iPad more favorable The popularity of AR experience is an important weapon for Apple to take market share of AR devices.

Guo Yiling also said that with the iPad equipped with front-mounted 3D sensing module, the forecast will be gradually imported into the post-Apple 3D sensing module, the use of mobile phone rear 3D sensing module for hardware and software platform integration, and ultimately 3D sense Measurement technology to achieve consumer AR glasses come out.