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SK hynix prepares mass production GDDR6 memory Nvidia's new display card is coming soon?

During the GTC2018, Nvidia remained focused on applications for autopilot, artificial intelligence, and virtual vision applications. As a result, Nvidia did not publish video cards for consumer devices. However, if it is revealed from SK Hynix that mass production of the GDDR6 memory module is expected to begin in the last three months, it seems that the Nvidia display card that was rumored to be used for GDDR6 memory design is ready to appear.

Although Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun has not disclosed the new display card trend, but from previous news that Nvidia's new graphics card will carry GDDR6 memory, while SK hynix also revealed that will mass production GDDR6 memory module news, may represent the new display card will be prepared in the near future Inside appearance. MK20DX256ZVLK10

However, it is still unclear whether Nvidia plans to present the GeForce GTX 10 series adopting the Pascal display architecture as an independent event, or with Computex 2018, which is expected to be held in June next year, or Gamescom, Cologne, which will be launched in August. It was revealed during the game show.

As for the architecture part, previous market rumors that the new display card will be known as Turing, but the actual product name will be known as the GeForce GTX 20 series, or the GeForce GTX 11 series, is still uncertain, at the same time It is also impossible to determine whether the process technology uses a smaller process design.

In the meantime, Ampère (Ampere), which was previously rumored to be a follow-up spec for the professional graphics card display architecture Volta, is expected to be used in the new Tesla series accelerator cards. 2LHT-L5

Jibang comment: Based on our judgment, the new graphics card designed with GDDR6 memory may be difficult to achieve in the second half of 2018. At the same time, even if GDDR6 is released, the price gap between GDDR6 and the current mainstream GDDR5X will be lower for GDDR6 graphics cards. Another barrier is the spread of popularity, not to mention the recent sharp rise in drawing DRAM prices due to the mining boom.