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Vishay Announces Commercial Edition General Purpose IHL Integrated Electric Field Shielded Inductors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of the IHLE-2525CD-51, IHLE-3232DD-51, and IHLE-4040DD-51 low profile, high current inductors, Electric field shielding, can reduce EMI. The Vishay Dale IHLE-2525CD-51, IHLE-3232DD-51 and IHLE-4040DD-51 are available in 2525, 3232 and 4040 form factors to suppress EMI-related electric fields in tinned copper integrated shields, , The electric field can be reduced by -20 dB at a distance of 1 cm (the center of the inductor). This eliminates the need for expensive board-level Faraday shielding to reduce EMI, thereby reducing costs and saving board space. sma809

Today's inductors are capable of operating at + 155 ° C, with coplanarity of less than 100 μm for the four connectors, and for energy storage in DC / DC converters and high current filtering. Applications include laptops, desktop PCs, servers, high-current point-of-load converters, graphics cards, distributed energy systems and FPGA DC / DC converters, and telecommunications infrastructure.

IHLE-2525CD-51, IHLE-3232DD-51 and IHLE-4040DD-51 are manufactured using Vishay Dale IHLP ™ technology. Typical DCRs from 1.55mΩ to 167mΩ make the device highly efficient with inductance values ​​ranging from 0.22μH to 47μH. The device has a rated current of 36.0A and can handle high transient currents and is not saturated. 135d117x0075k2

Inductors are RoHS compliant, 100% lead-free shielded, with strong thermal shock, wet and mechanical shocks. In addition, the 4-terminal connection of the device (2 ground connection points for shielding) provides high vibration immunity and can be used on boards mounted on engines and chassis. The device is halogen free and meets Vishay green standards.