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XMOS Launches World's First Stereo AEC Linear Far Field Voice Kit for Smart Devices

--XMOS, Inc., a leading provider of advanced embedded voice and audio solutions for the consumer electronics market, today announced the XVF3500 voice processor supporting stereo AEC and the world's first stereo AEC far-field linear microphone array solution - VocalFusion Stereo Evaluation Kit (XK-VF3500-L33).

The XVF3500 voice processor offers 2 channels of full duplex acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). Designed for developers working in a growing market such as voice-based smart TVs, sound bar, set-top boxes and digital media adapters - all of these markets require stereo AECs to support "entire room" Voice interface solution.

Uniquely, the solution also supports configurable AEC delays that allow the AEC reference signal to be accurately calibrated and delay adjusted to provide far-field voice after-sales accessories for existing consumer electronics.

Commenting on the release of this product, Mark Lippett, President and CEO of XMOS, said: "The device and evaluation kit will further advance the integration of embedded voice-control devices on the edge of our room, especially those for high-quality music and TV control And we look forward to demonstrating this solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month.We have the most comprehensive portfolio of far-field pick-up solutions yet to be released Consolidated this position. "

Like all other XMOS voice solutions, the solution accurately captures commands from anywhere in the room, even in complex acoustical environments, for processing with cloud-based speech recognition systems. The XVF3500 voice processor provides sophisticated voice digital signal processing (DSP) - including a full-duplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) with voice interrupt capability that enables users to interrupt or pause a device that is playing music - and Adaptive beamformer, which can track the speaker. In addition, it provides advanced dereverberation, automatic gain control and noise suppression - providing a clear voice interaction experience even in noisy environments. is distributor for thousands of IGBT Modules, bsm300gb120dlc or fz1200r12kf5 and others from our web with free shipping.